Get rid of disasters by obedience

Get rid of disasters by obedience
Get rid of disasters by obedience

The Prophet (PBUH) said:
 When Zakat became a wealth, when wealth began to be regarded as health and when Teachings was taught about something other than religion, Men obeyed their wives and did not respect their mothers and when love of Father become valueless before Friends, when religious man forget how to create harmony among human, when the mosque cried out, when the Justice become corrupt , in this way the people of the nation began to be the most communal and dearest people, and when the man is honored the people who to spoil other fellows and to curse them, so you see these things fast, wait, wait for the red light and the most severe thunder, earthquake, distortion of the shapes, and rain of stones except nausea, the resurrection. There will be footprints when the thread breaks and the grain begin to fall.

The above hadeeth mentions some evils that have always existed in the world and no one has ever been empty of these evils, but it should be understood when these evils are widespread in society and unusually overlooked. The fact that Allah's harshest punishment, though it took some form, is beginning to descend into this society and the time for the end of the world is near.
What is considered to be prosperity means that instead of distributing all the emperor's rights to wealth and wealth, according to the Sharia Decree, they sit down and give aid to those in need and the small. Depriving them of their wealth and spending it at their own expense would mean that they do not believe that all the legal owners of this wealth have a common right, but their own wealth.
Calculating a trustee's wealth means that people with whom trust funds are insured start to betray those trusts and, like trustees' wealth, consider their personal rights to be acquired by enemies. Understanding Zakat Kotawan means that paying Zakat is starting to get so heavy and heavy on people that they are forced to take away their possessions, and because someone who has been fined feels very tight and heavy.
Teaching knowledge to a non-religion means that the true purpose of teaching and disseminating knowledge is to enhance the practice and moral character of religion and to achieve the well-being of civilized humanity and social well-being. Through it, however, the purpose of the world's dignity, prosperity, wealth and power is to be brought closer together.
The husband must obey the wife so that the husband should be married, and thus obey the wife and fulfill all her needs so that it can be clearly contrary to God's instructions. The disobedience of the mother means that the mother's obedience must be neglected to the right to be obedient, and that she must show her heart without obeying it without any kind of shar'i. Only here is the specialty of the mother due to the children. A mother suffers more hardship and suffering than a father, so she has more rights than children.
Being close to friends and being fatherly means spending your time with the Father, getting up to Him, not just looking after yourself, interacting with friends, chatting with them, and having fun. Just do it and show your routine that he has a good relationship with his father. Shouting in the mosque means having a loud conversation in the mosque, silencing the mosque by shouting and neglecting the church.
The head of the nation, the head of the nation, is accused of corrupt nation that if leadership becomes extraordinary, it is a sign of the destruction of the community as a whole and of the nation! Likewise, if a nation is to be regarded as the people of society who are the least, least, inferior in society, then it must be understood that the days of the destruction of this nation have come.
The glory of a man dressed in temptation and restraint means that the glory of a man should not be seen as a personal virtue, but as a fear of his evil and his presence. He has the power to hurt or persecute others, for example, when a corrupt person gets power and people are forced to respect and honor him.
Singing refers to singers, dancers, dominoes and the nine, etc. Similarly, bananas are all kinds of musical instruments and instruments known musically such as drum, harmony, tabla, harp and Shani. Alcohol, a combination, is used because all alcoholic beverages and other addictions also die.
When people in this cumbership begin to say the same to people following, be prepared for the red storm and earthquakes. Dear readers! You are before us today, the behavior of our operations and our governments. There have been many earthquakes in Pakistan in the last two decades, and many cities in Pakistan have also been shaken by the last day's earthquake. Most of the earthquakes in the law are due to disobedience and disobedience to God.
Al-Hajj in the Holy Qur'an says, "O people! Fear the Lord, of course, an hour's earthquake is a wonderful thing." let Allaah bless us with our obedience and devotion and live according to the Sunnah Prophet and keep us safe from all kinds of disasters.

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