Hajj Baitullah

Hajj Baitullah
Hajj Baitullah

The pilgrimage continues every moment except for obligatory prayers during the day
The literal meaning of Hajj is "purpose or purpose". The name Hajj means "year", so "Zul-Hajj" is the name of the month Hajj. The purpose of the pilgrimage is "Zirat". Hazrat Abu Saeed Khadri (RA) says: "We went on a pilgrimage with the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) in the way we drive (Mrs.) to Hajj. Used to read aloud (Muslim, suspicious)
Hajj, the fulfillment of love for Allah,
"Abedat" is the highest position of mankind, which is the attribute of Allaah's chosen and dedicated servants, which is why the Lord of the worlds remembered the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in the Qur'an. Abedat is mentioned before, which indicates the size of the place.
The question is, what is the truth of Abidat? In short, the simple answer is that Abidat is the name of submission to Allah and the will of Allah in the presence of the Supreme. All the commandments of Allaah, worship, math and Mujahid. Here is what is required.
In Hadeet, a traveler who has successfully returned from this pilgrimage is cleansed of his sins, washed away, and has entered the world today from the stomach of Guam.
Traditions say that watching Ka'bah is worship, only to look at it from the heart becomes desperate! We want to continue searching, its appearance increases the brightness of the eyes, the brightness of the heart, and the high Adam-like wall beside Baitullah closes a wall called Hatim and Hatir.
Just before the Prophet (Allah has peace and blessings on him) received prophecy when the Quraish wanted to build the Kaaba house, they all agreed that halal earning needs should only be invested in it. About six meters from Baitullah, Sharia has been abandoned and some are still covered.
During the Hajj pilgrimage, not only during the Hajj but also in addition to the obligatory prayers of Fateh Makkah, to this day, there is no job for any day. is.
Hajjaj Baitullah also performs the madness of the house of God as he devotes himself to holy Ka'bah and its holy places in the heat of heat. Ibn Abi Ruda told Hazrat Imam Abu Hanifa (may Allaah have mercy on him). During Hajj, I did not see them sleeping at night, not during the day, but only busy in tawaaf, prayer, or teaching. Anyone who does not love Hadeeth and Allah will disappear from Hajj. I should be very scared that losing the pilgrimage image will not become a source of faith deprivation in the end times.

Abedat's view of Hajji's schedule:
Then the good sages enter the stage before the destination of Hajj, where there is no illegal passage without eagerness, and upon arriving there, the view of Abedat shows that this Hajj tour leaves all its appearance adorned with no perfume. , He does not wear mannequin and sewn cloth, wearing a hat or turban or fur in his body, Shah Ogda, nobleman, officials and citizens, prominent promises, rich, loyal, all used clothing and all amulets. Go, because by the time of the pilgrimage, the boundaries between the great emperor and the emperor's absolute power have begun, there is no king or ruler. A. But all of them are liberated and all are slaves to their master, Malik Ahkam al-Hakimin. This is the scene of his bondage: the servants, the needy, the united, and the united three, when they all come together. Same fabric on body and same word in tongue:
(I agree, suspicious) In language these are centuries, so the human body has two sheets, (for men) the presence of God or the divine reminder of the beast is a struggle, a dispute, sexual intercourse with living desires. work.
This Ihram dress and all its limitations are a true scene of world and world dedication.

View of Money, Arafat and Muzdalifah:
In addition to Tawaaf Baitullah, pilgrims other than Hajj worship Ka'bah, accept the 8th Hijjah / 9d Hajj in Arafat, which confesses all their sins, then the envelopes of the Majdah at night and / 10 Then turn towards Zi-ul-Hijjah, there is a scene In Kaif, which is apparently a forest where millions of pilgrims see the shadow of God's grace as seen in the jungle. And there it is! And whoever she sees is dressed in two plain white sheets! It seems that the angels of the light of Allah have today placed this Mani, Arafat and Zulfiqah in the form of the light of the earth all the time, from divine tongues and tongues. Lubbock Lubbock for centuries! Thousands of years ago, the scene mentioned in Hadeeth, even today centuries later, the same pilgrimage is seen in Baitullah, Man, Arafat and Muzdalifa, these Hajj deeds and all these pilgrimages are explained. It is only true and true that deserves love and love that is what created us and the particles of the universe. If you want him, you must pray to him, ask him, ask him, ask him, obey him. Believe me, drop your head on heels in the memory of a man and then in his memory, continue in his memory! Everything is the same and we are all his servants. Brakmal is to Noah, which kazryah worship like Hajj as it became clear.
May Allah bless us all with this blessing (Amen).

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