Hajj Sermon

Hajj Sermon
Hajj Sermon
Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): "I completed your blessings for you today and fulfilled my blessing on you and liked Islam for you." (Para 3, Surah Al-Ma'idah, Ayat 3) The Sermon on the Hajj is very important in Islam. The Human Rights Code of Conduct
Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): "I have met today for your blessings and met my blessing to you and chosen for you Islam".
The sermon on the pilgrimage has great significance in Islam. The Hajj sermon is undoubtedly the most important and exemplary human rights declaration. This manifesto has no visible support for any group, ethnic, national, personal, etc.

Qa'id al-Qa'id In 10 AH, As-Salih (may Allah be pleased with him) performed Hajj, the first and last Hajj of the Holy Prophet. In this respect it is called "Hajj bye". This communication is also called "Hajj-ul-Islam" and "Hajj-ul-Balagh" because of Islam. During the pilgrimage, the sermon spoken by the government is called Hajj bye.
On day 8 of Dh-ul-Hijjah, you have traveled to Mani and stayed there until morning on 9 Dh-ul-Hajjah.

Read the Zuhr, Asr, West, Asian, Fajr prayer and then stop for a moment after sunrise and then visit Arafat (pilgrimage to Arafat). When the sun had set, you were sailing on a camel, and as you ascended to Kasauntan, you came to the valley of Arana.

He thanked Allah by saying, "Allah is one. He has no gods other than Him. Allah has fulfilled His promise. He fulfilled the promise of His servant (Mohammed Rasulullah) and His being created all false powers."
"Guys, I don't know where you can meet them later this year.
O God, exalted in might, mankind! We have created you all in one form, and have divided you into parties and tribes, so that the most divine is honored most by Allah. "
"No Arab has any preference for Ajam, nor any Ajam has any superiority to the Arabian Peninsula, nor is it better than Gorakala. Claims and all vengeance are buried at my feet, and Baitullah's service to pilgrims and pilgrims remains."

"Oh people! May God come to you so that your neck is not loaded with anything else, and other people will arrive below. If that happens, I can't do anything to you before God."
"O people, Allah has removed your lies, and the deeds of your appearing have no pride with you. O people, your blood, your richness and your glory are always like the rake as it is today, this month. And the holiness of this city (Mecca) is established. Allaah asks you about deeds.
Warning! Do not astray when I cut each other's neck, and if anyone has security, he should scrap the confidence restore confidence. "
"People! Every Muslim is another Muslim and all Muslims are brothers to each other. Fear God for his slaves.
By using tricks of your own ability to commit all crimes to murder ignorance and bloodshed, the first of my family, Ibn Rabiya ibn al-Harith, who died in his death, died and died. Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib belonged to him.

Allaah has given inheritance rights so no one inherits the rights of the heir. The child should be considered to be the result of a baby being born in a bed that has been proven to be prohibited. The account is with Allaah who is losing his ancestors. The curse of Allah is revealed to anyone else! The loan must be repaid. The gift must be returned. The gift should be returned. No one is allowed to pay the debt if he wants to take something from his brother. Don't advertise yourself to each other. "

Yes, people, watch out for the women of Allah because you have received them in the name of Allah and are legal to you in His name. It is not permissible for a woman to give anything to her husband without her permission. As such, your rights are obligatory to them: They have the right not to give your bed to anyone who may offend you, and if they do, Allah must allow them to be punished with mild physical punishment. You feed them in a known way.
Because they are your duty and they cannot do anything for themselves: Fear God for women and I leave you with something that if you hold it firmly you will not be misled and that is the book of Allah. They died for them. "
"People, the devil doesn't expect to follow in this city, but it's possible that things that you deem to be of minor importance will be accepted and that he or she may be satisfied with your religion and your faith." Protect. "

Oh people, it adds to the holiness of the month that it follows, and it even misleads those who do not believe and denies it for one year and shakes it the next year so that those who do not believe can count God's forbidden months. Things that are done are halal and things that are halal are harams. "

"O people! There is no prophet behind you and no nation behind you. So worship the Lord. Pray five times a day, fasting for a month (Ramadan). Pay your zakat freely. Almighty God bless the Lord. They will come to paradise." From Allah on the Day of Resurrection, what do you answer? The companions said: We testify that you have conveyed the message of God you have preached and accepted the truth. Ascends to Heaven and Bows to Humans Oh God, be a witness, a witness.
In this sermon many of the Umamians said: When this verse of the Qur'anic verse was revealed, as I finished it, I performed your prayer for you and my blessing for me and consider Islam as your religion. He said, "Oh Bilal!" After reading Adhan, Hazrat Bilal told Adhan's prayers and then performed both Asr and Asr prayers, and then he prayed with great sincerity and humility. It was a long prayer that the sun had set.
After sunset you woke up with camels and returned to Muzdalifah. Remember the prayers of West and Asha in Muzdalifa. Featured - Set the mix on Nashib and throw stones one at a time.
A close caretaker of Hazrat Osama bin Zayed and Hazrat Bilal said he could not perform Hajj next year. The Holy Prophet gave a sermon describing the virtues, methods, and rules of sacrifice. Ali told Al-Murtaza that the sacrificial animal should be distributed among the poor.
Then you made the pilgrimage, after which you return to Ka'bah and do the Tawab, you came to Zamzam, got up and went to Qiblah and started drinking water. At this moment you took minutes to Tashreef. Middle, Middle East and other rabbits bite took 3 days. Then you come back to Mecca and say goodbye without saving.
While praying in the morning, he returned to Medina Manorah.
Highlights of the Hajj Day sermon
Annual Declaration on the Abolition of Life, Wealth, Dignity, Obedience and the Restoration of Income and on the Protection of Property, History of Ethnic Disputes and Reconciliation, Revolutionary Declaration of the Slavery States, History of Women
The significance of the Hajj farewell can be measured by the fact that the city and the people in the area who responded to the Holy See directives 23 years ago responded to more than one hundred and four thousand warnings from Za'afadir al-Aqsa.
All the revelations, instructions, and teachings in historiography were followed in the life of the prophet, after which the caliphate arrived and official duties were performed, and historians are representatives of Islam. Salman Farsi, Hazrat Bilal Ebashi had previously met Akbarin in Mmsworth.
Jalil-ul-Qadriq was a companion in the statement by Hazrat Zaidbin Harith. All the commandments concerning women, such as forbidden Marriages, Marriages, Rights, Divorces, Divorces, Buttons, etc., are mentioned in the Holy Qur'an for women. If you have the ability to act on it, ask for a cruel government prayer.

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